Welcome to... Trunkwood!

Trunkwood is an exciting new collection of everything mythical for the garden where you will find fairy homes from these magical woodlands.

These homes are suitable for fairies, pixies, elves, hobbits, or even goblins, wherever they live. Some people say fairies live at the bottom of the garden, when in fact you will find they are happy living almost anywhere if you give them a home. They are also often thought of as little human like creatures with pointy ears and having colourful butterfly or dragonfly wings, these fairies are peace-loving fairies with magical powers. Other fairies include elves, dwarves, pixies, hobbits, and even goblins. Yes goblins! Goblins are usually thought to be grotesque and nasty, and this can be true. However, the goblins at Trunkwood are a bit ugly in a cute kind of way, but rarely harmfull to anyone, that’s not to say they are well behaved though, most of the time they are up to no good and sometimes very naughty.

If you provide a home or a door for any of these little creatures, then you must decide what sort of fairy will live there. Once you have decided, then no other fairy can live there unless you say so. You see, when you believe, magical things can happen.

So, why not follow us on a journey as we create the fantasy world of Trunkwood, a place limited only by imagination, where believing can open your mind to every fairytale, myth and magical legend.